Completed HV Cable sets

ALL NRG has production facilities of our own, producing cable sets from 10-72 kV with cable heads that match all specific standards for grid connection.

Every year more than 1,000 prefabricated cable sets are produced and thoroughly tested. This simplifies the installation considerably on site and enables our technicians to connect cables quickly and efficiently, helping to reduce the overall costs of offshore wind.

In addition to customised cable production, we can also carry out a pre-termination of cable sets based on the customers' specifications


  • Customization
  • Ready for installation – lowering installation cost
  • Production facilities for speedy customer support
  • Quickly and efficiently during breakdown
  • Adopting to customer needs
  • More than 1000 prefabricated cable sets every year
  • Pre-termination of cable sets on customer specifications
  • Extensive High Voltage know-how
Lars Rasmussen

Lars Rasmussen

Senior Sales Manager, High Voltage

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