Developing, operating and maintaining wind farms are complex assignments. Throughout the lifetime of a turbine many decisions concerning asset management has to be taken.

With our extensive wind background and proven track record, ALL NRG offers consulting services to support your own team of specialists within all areas of the onshore and offshore wind industry.

ALL NRG has a core team of experts each with exceptional knowledge within their specific field of service. Drawing upon their know-how and expertise will be of great importance in finding and implementing the right solution on your next project.

Adding to this, ALL NRG technicians are continuously gathering and documenting invaluable experience, process information and operational examples before feeding it back to our engineers, managers and supervisors, who use the information for continuous service improvement and optimization.

Combining the daily on site experiences and sightings with the, the insight knowledge of our experts gives ALL NRG the edge when it comes to holistic, accurate and safe consulting.

We provide consulting services within:

  • Client representatives
  • Owners site representatives
  • QA / QC
  • HSE managers/supervisors
  • Factory Acceptance
  • Installation managers/supervisors
  • Project assistance and site management
  • High Voltage - design, installation, service and upgrades
  • Grid connection
  • Senior Appointed Personnel/Appointed Personnel
  • Mechanical solutions
  • Product update
  • Surface treatment and corrosion protection
  • Life time extension
  • Technical documentation


  • 3rd party independence
  • Flexible hire adjusted to customer needs
  • Single task solving or turnkey solution
  • Broad competence area ensures the right man for the job
  • Solid back office support
  • Well documented solutions
  • Upfront with latest methods and technologies
Esben Schmidt

Esben Schmidt

Chief Operating Officer

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