Our knowledge is the key to your success

ALL NRG employees participate in personal conversations with our resource management team, during which a high priority is placed on safety and conduct, qualifications and further training. Our employees are subject to ongoing individual professional training and multi-training, and they have long-standing experience within each speciality. ALL NRG always uses the best and most experienced training facilities in Europe to achieve optimum crew training and upgrading.


ALL NRG has an efficient logistics department that books hundreds of flight and transport jobs every week in close co-operation with experienced airline, hotel, taxi, bus and ferry companies in Europe. This ensures a speedy and competent mobilisation of personnel. Thus, a crew can often be summoned and mobilised within 24 hours.

Competent Recruitment – Few Costs

Our clients enjoy amazing advantages by employing ALL NRG crew, as their recruitment, education and training for various projects never involve any costs for the client. Our employees are always insured by ALL NRG during the entire training procedure, and the client for the project in question has no recruiting expenses.