In ALL NRG, we continuously seek to minimise our footprint by the way we source, produce and sell our services, solutions and products. It is our core business to deliver flexible and specialized solutions via qualified and engaged employees. We are aware that corporate social responsibility goes beyond our own activities, and we take a responsible approach throughout our supply chain. The ALL NRG CSR Policy provide high-level guidance on how we conduct business. The policy are built on the ten principles of the UN Global Compact.

Human Rights

Forced labour and human trafficking: No force, threats or disciplinary means are used to force people to work. We do not accept any use of forced bonded labour or transport (trafficking) of people with the purpose of forcing them to work. We do not co-operate with other companies that use forced labour. We do not withhold identification papers or payments from the employees with the purpose of forcing the employees to work. Any employee at ALL NRG is free to leave the workplace without being held back.

Child labour: No forms of forced or child labour shall be allowed in ALL NRG or at our suppliers.

Freedom of association and collective bargaining: ALL NRG does not judge or in any other way make decisions, which are influenced by the employee's membership of a trade union or any other association. We do not attempt to affect the employee as regards his/her membership or non-membership of a particular trade union. An employee cannot be dismissed due to his/her membership of a trade union. No preference is given to a particular trade union. We respect the right to collective bargaining. Elected trade union representatives for the employees are covered by a special protection against dismissal.

Labour Conditions

Non-Discrimination: Discriminatory treatment due to sex, race, skin color, religion or faith, political opinion, sexual orientation, national or social background, ethical origin, age or disability does not take place at ALL NRG. We do not tolerate any discriminatory treatment regarding recruitment, dismissal, reassignment, promotion, determination of wages and working conditions or skill development. All decisions on recruitment, promotions, dismissals, wages and other working conditions are based on relevant and objective criteria.

Diversity: ALL NRG has an overall gender diversity ambition to reach a balanced gender composition at the leadership level. Further, it is the ambition of ALL NRG to build a diverse organisation.

Working conditions: All employees receive a minimum wage in accordance with the regulations and settlements agreed upon in the country in question. No later than at the start of the employment, all employees are informed in writing of their pay, workplace, work content as well as rights regarding holiday with pay, terms of notice, standard of wages and possible collective bargaining agreements. Employees, who work for a short period of time, earn holiday with pay and the holiday correspond to the duration of the employment.

Health and Safety

Safety culture: In ALL NRG we believe accidents at work and occupational diseases are preventable. By building and maintaining a strong prevention culture, we strive to eliminate work-related accidents, harm and occupational diseases. In ALL NRG safe and healthy working conditions are not only a legal and moral obligation, it is an integrated part of our business activities.
We always take time to ensure safety at work, and we ensure that all employees are involved, trained and competent in safety.

Vision of Zero: Our safety vision is to have zero accidents and incidents. Our safety policy outlines how we work with safety. Employees at all levels in our organisation are accountable for fulfilling the intentions in our safety policy within their area of responsibility.


Waste: Including of recyclable waste, is sorted in accordance with the existing regulations and laws and utilized or eliminated in approved receiving facilities.
Hazardous waste is marked, stored and handled in accordance with regulatory instructions regarding environmentally approved receiving facilities.

Climate and Energy: In ALL NRG we take action towards sustainable energy consumption as we see it as a natural part of doing sustainable business. We work systematically to limit the negative impact of our activities on the environment and the world's natural resources. We seeks continuously to assess if possible environmental emissions can be reduced at the source.

Anti-Corruption and Business Ethics

Extortion (e.g. protection money): We work against extortion and always resist giving in to illegal coercion, intimidation or threats of physical harm made by persons to obtain money, property or services.

Facilitation payment: We are opposed to paying additional charges to speed up routine duties, e.g. to avoid undue delays. We will always endeavor to avoid such payments.

Money laundering: We reject money laundering, whatever illegal activities are involved, and we observe all rules on that subject and cooperate with authorities.

Gifts and entertainment: We neither give nor accept gifts or entertainment that could influence our business decisions.

Conflicts of interest: In ALL NRG, we aim to act with integrity and conduct business according to vision, mission and our values. We refrain from compromising the interest of the company in favor of private interest, and refrain from taking actions that could, with any justification, negatively impact the reputation and raise legitimate questions as to the integrity of ALL NRG.


Hans Schneider,


Rev. 12.09.18