2017: Moving to larger office premises in Aarhus

The merger of the companies in the wind industry has been brought together in the new power center in Aarhus.

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2017: Consolidation in Wind and Oil & Gas

ALL NRG is divided into a Wind Division and an Oil & Gas Division.


2017: Opening of new CEO office in Aarhus

New office in Aarhus is established.


2017: New CEO in ALL NRG

The experienced offshore executive, Hans Schneider sets out as the new CEO of ALL NRG.

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2016: Establishing of ALL NRG

ALL NRG heads into the world as one united brand created by the Acquisition of several prominent energy related companies, each with a long and strong track-record.


2015: ALL NRG opens office in Hamburg

ALL NRG opens its first office in Hamburg Germany.

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2015: WTG Partners brings Advisory and Inspections to ALL NRG

WTG Partners' focus is within on- and offshore wind turbine inspections.

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2015: ALL NRG opens UK office

ALL NRG opens its first office in the UK. From its new base in the Port of Grimsby, ALL NRG will provide dedicated solutions for offshore wind projects off the British coast.

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2014: Q-STAR Energy A/S becomes 3rd member of the ALL NRG Team

Q-STAR Energy has gained a leading role in the offshore seqtor.

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2014: APRO Wind A/S joins VB Enterprise A/S

APRO Wind render mechanical and electrical installation services to the global on- and offshore wind industry.

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 2014: VB Enterprise A/S is the first member to join ALL NRG

VB Enterprise holds a globally leading position on medium- and high-voltage installation and service projects for the offshore wind park industry.

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